What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “Jennifer has been such a blessing to my adrenal glands:) She started me on an adrenal tincture and after listening to my other symptoms she changed the formula a bit to make it even better for me. I LOVE that she asked me about other issues I have and took everything into consideration for a treatment that addressed my personal situation. She is very knowledgeable and thoughtful.....and makes VERY quality products. I feel a lot better and have Jennifer to thank for it. Thank you Jen....I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in a natural, well rounded approach to health and healing!”

    Lari A. – St. Petersburg, FL

  • “I LOVED how much my kids enjoyed the taste of the Garlic Lemonade and it worked, too! They would have a cup 2X per day before we knew we'd be out and about during cold and flu season and I noticed how they didn't pick up the viruses as much as before I used the Garlic Lemonade. Also, I'd give them a warm cup if they got a sniffle and they cleared up so fast, I'm sure they got an immune boost from it.”

    B.H. – Land O’Lakes, FL

  • “Learning to make healthier choices for my family’s medicines etc. has been a bit of a learning curve over the years. I am impressed at Jennifer’s depth of product knowledge and passion for selecting the highest quality ingredients. I feel more confident purchasing products from The Herbal Cabinet than even my local natural foods store because I know the quality and care that has gone into making them. Jennifer is also very responsive in answering questions to help us find the right product for our individual needs!”

    Dionne– Orlando, FL

  • "Your Elderberry Syrup saved me during the last cold and flu season! I contracted an upper respiratory infection bordering on pneumonia and needed all the relief I could find. Although I opted to get an antibiotic from my doctor, your remedy did everything you said it would. It not only tasted really good (I actually looked forward to taking it for that reason) but it actually helped to sooth my throat and calm my cough so I could sleep and ride out the infection. Because you are located right here in St. Petersburg, it was easy to reach out to you for very helpful advice and get a well formulated remedy delivered right to my door. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your herbal expertise and being so responsive to my call for help!"

    Tina L.- St. Petersburg, FL

  • "I began using Herbal Cabinet products about eight months ago and I'm very happy with the quality of herbs and the knowledge I gained from Jennifer Gilman. She has a passion for providing effective products thereby only using the most purified and organic ingredients, which is evident in the products she offers. The joint salves are wonderful too. My husband is an athlete and trains athletes as well, and his favorite products are the joint salve followed by the cayenne salve, which he combines for immediate relief on sore muscles and injuries. My mother, who is 77 years old, also uses this combination of salves for arthritis and muscle pain and absolutely swears by it. I wholeheartedly endorse Herbal Cabinet products."

    Yolanda Moayedi- St. Petersburg, FL

  • "Love, love this Herbal Facial Kit! I used these products on my face and when I was finished my face felt so soft, smooth, fresh and clean. It was as if I had a professional facial at a fraction of the cost. The rosewater toner smells so good.I highly recommend this kit to anyone and everyone. I will definitely be purchasing more of the herbal facial kits. Thank you, Jen"

    Amy S- NJ

  • “I want to thank the time to thank you, Jen, for all you have done and continue to do to help me with all my medical problems. I am on soooooo many medications that I have problems with them taking their toll on my body. I want to let everyone know some of the positive things that have been happening to me due to you and your products. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and gout. I have more problems but I will stick with these today. I started out with the salves. Cayenne, Joint Relief and Complete Tissue and Bone. I use the joint relief on my foot, knee and left hand for relief along with the cayenne salve so it penetrates faster. Within a half an hour at most I feel some relief. I use this daily and depending how I feel it depends how many times I apply it. I will tell you if I don't use it at bedtime you can bet the light goes on and I am applying it. I honestly don't sleep well at all if I don't use all these salves. T...he pain in my knees even with a pillow between them keeps me from sleeping. So......I missed one night totally because I wasn't home. I don't forget it anymore. The Complete Tissue and Bone salve I use for my one knee, which the bone has started breaking down from the RA. I have seen and orthopedic doctor and he says I need a knee replacement but I am too young it has to wait. After talking to Jen about this I start taking Complete Tissue and Bone orally also trying to keep my knee and other parts from breaking down. After a couple months no breaking down anywhere else. Jen's hope and mine is to actually build my knee back up. Jen has also got me on a special diet and encourages lots of water. I continue to talk to Jen about my ongoing problems and she has spent many hours researching them and finding the best means of getting better and trying to eliminate the pharm drugs. I have 2 great doctors that support my decision and are happy to help eliminate them with all natural products. Each time I see one of my doctors she says "wow you are on too many drugs". Someday I hope to be "drug" free. And I really think with Jen at my side and the great products she has, some time and alot of weight loss, that's another story for another day, it will happen. Thanks again Jen!”

    Amy Sennick- Jackson, NJ

  • “Tension Care…I felt a definite stress relief after using this tincture 2x per day for 3 days. It's a smooth taste and very fragrant as well.”

    B.H.– Land O’Lakes, FL

  • “I have had back problems for a number of years. I tried the Muscle Care and I was able to sleep better throughout the night without as much discomfort.”

    Shannon P– St. Petersburg, FL

  • “I am new to the natural healing and herbal therapy arena, but learning from and working with Jennifer has been a life changing learning experience. I have always been curious about natural cures and herbal therapy and Jen has turned my curiosity into a new lifestyle. She is very knowledgable and patient with us newbies.

    One of the products I am using is the Memory Care. I generally joke that I have the memory of a goldfish (about 3 seconds), but I have to say my memory and focus have greatly improved. I am able to really hold information and knowledge and my short term memory has improved drastically. I highly recommend this product. You'll see a real difference too. ”

    S. Davis- St. Petersburg, FL

  • “Libido Care - With young kids, being intimate can be a difficult thing to find the time for, however, the Libido Care helped a lot because WHEN there came time, I felt an increase in readiness. Found the increase to happen quickly after just a couple of days of using it. Worked really well in conjunction with Tension Care.”

    B.H.– Land O’Lakes, FL