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Pesky Flakes in my Hair...Help!

For several months now, I've been working on some hair care formulas...yes, for those "pesky" flakes and itchy scalp.  Would love to share some wonderful ingredients with you of my findings. 

First of did I get this??? 

Dandruff is a scalp condition characterized by the excessive shedding of dead skin cells.  A small amount of flaking on the scalp is normal as old skin cells die off and fall away, but dandruff results when the amount becomes excessive and visible.  It can be caused by multiple factors; hormone imbalance, poor hygiene, allergies, excessive use of hair sprays and gels, overuse of curling irons, cold weather, infrequent shampooing are the reasons that I found through multiple sources to be quite common.  There are also specialists that believe dandruff is caused by tiny fungus called Pityrosporum ovale. 

I came up with (3) products that I formulated and amongst these (3) I've included these ingredients...

Jojoba oil helps remove the sebum at the scalp which will then promote hair growth.  Also, helps protect hair strands from breaking and drying up.

Castile Soap is used because it’s a natural, biodegradable product that is free of artificial or petroleum-based additives.  It is very gentle on the hair follicle and scalp.

Macadamia Nut Oil contains Omega-7 which is an essential fatty acid that helps to restore palmitoleic acid in the body for skin and hair hydration.

Apple Cider Vinegar that is Raw and Unfiltered can help balance hair and sebum pH.  This is important because when kept between 4.5 and 5.5 pH, the scalp is then safeguarded against fungal and bacterial growth.  Not only can it safeguard though, the apple cider vinegar alone can act as a potent antimicrobial which can kill bacteria and fungus, which are common underlying causes for dandruff and hair loss.  There are many other benefits for using apple cider vinegar for healthy hair and scalp but these are the main ones I chose for my formula.

Clary Sage is a wonderful essential oil to use for hormonal imbalances.

Cedarwood essential oil is germ-destroying and purifying but I also used this oil because it can clear up congestion of dead skin cells.

Lavender essential oil is incredibly healing to our skin.  When there is agitation from the itching and from feeling itchy, it can bring calm.  If the dandruff cause is from allergens or dryness from any toxic products which could include hair sprays and gels, then lavender can help bring healing to the scalp.

Rosemary essential oil can be an enhancer when used with other essential oils.  It also stimulates hair follicles for continued growth and is an antiseptic. 

Thyme essential oil is very good for fungal infections.  Therefore, if the dandruff was caused by Pityrosporum ovale, then this is a great essential oil to use.  However, thyme is also very germ-destroying and purifying.

Cypress essential oil is very stimulating and can bring blood flow to an area that is in need of healing.  This oil was used because of how well it helps with circulation overall.  It happens to also be purifying and decongesting for skin cells.

Comments...has anyone else used some of the above ingredients with success? 

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Mama Needs Some Taking Care Of!

Let’s face it, being a Mom is hard work!  BUT being a “New Mom” is even harder!  Our Emotions are going haywire between exhaustion, elation and just plain ‘ole feeling erratic.  This blog would be way too long to tackle all of this but how about we talk about a little immediate assistance for New Mom who had a vaginal birth. 

Plan ahead and stock these in your home.  There are many resources online but my favorites include…

1.      Maxi Pads for additional bleeding and “Big” underwear.

2.      Postpartum Herbal Bath Bags for tearing of perineum (check out this link from yours truly ).

3.      Peri Squirt Bottle – make your own.  Use an 8 oz. bottle with a squirt top.  Now…I want you to use excellent quality essential oils.  Add 3 drops of Frankincense essential oil, 3 drops of Helichrysum and fill the rest with witch hazel.  Use each time you empty your bladder or have a bowel movement.  You’ll want to make a much larger bottle so that you can refill this often.

(My Soapbox:  You get what you pay for with essential oils and you are worth the best right?!?!  Use an excellent quality brand.)

4.      An Ice Pack.  Helps relieve pain around the perineum.

5.      Cold and warm compresses, combined with gentle massage, might help with breast and nipple pain.  I love recommending Myrrh essential oil topically on the breast and nipple to help with cracking and soreness, particularly right before a cold or warm compress.

6.      Comfy Clothes!

7.      Healthy snacks that include protein, healthy fats, veggies and whole fruit!  Portion out as much as you can ahead of time and store in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer to easily grab when needed.  Idea:  At your baby shower, ask for things like this to be made for you!

8.      Help with Meals…ask friends and family ahead of time to help with meals for a couple weeks.  This gives you more time to spend with your baby and helps you get your much needed rest.

9.      Clean House?  Do NOT worry about this!  It’ll get cleaned eventually.

10.   Lastly, get that essential oil diffuser going every day…day and night!  Some favorites are Myrrh with Wild Orange.  Myrrh is the “Oil of Mother Earth” and Wild Orange is very uplifting to our mood.

I’d love to hear your comments???

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Raising Vibrations Radio...Interview with Jennifer Gilman, Master Herbalist


Reverend Raven interviews Jennifer Gilman, Master Herbalist in Saint Petersburg, Florida on Essential Oils for Natural Health Solutions

Copy and paste this link below into your web browser, sit back and enjoy!  (90-minute interview)

Roots, Flowers, Leaves…Essential Oils with Similar Tendencies

When essential oils get distilled or cold pressed from the plant material, did you ever wonder what part of the plant is used?  Is it possible that plants from different species could have similar tendencies when using the same parts of these plants?  I think this is fascinating and just had to share with all of you. 

Roots:  Essential oils produced in the roots such as vetiver tend to have a very grounding energy. 

Leaves:  A plant’s leaf system corresponds to its vital body.  Essential oils produced in the leaves such as eucalyptus and peppermint have a strong affinity with the respiratory system. 

Flowers:  The flower is a plant’s ultimate achievement!  Only the most spiritually evolved plants such as the rose can fully create at this level.  Although the essential oils are found in extremely small amounts in the flowers, their fragrances are typically very intense.  These fragrances have a tendency to be exhilarating or even intoxicating. 

Seeds:  Oils produced in the seed bring us fully into the physical world, more humble and straightforward such as citrus fruits, fennel and coriander.  They are invigorating and show a strong affinity with the digestive system.  Particularly those seeds that are food or spices. 

Wood:  Trees and bushes also have the ability to create oils in their wood such as sandalwood and cedarwood.  These oils are centering and balancing.  Here the creative process is drawn into the heart of the wood.  These oils support the power to open our consciousness to high spheres without making us lose control.  They are particularly suited to meditation and yoga. 

Resins and Gums:  Many trees and bushes such as myrrh, frankincense and conifers produce odorous resins and gums.  These essential oils have a strong affinity for the glandular system.  They are helpful in balancing hormonal secretions and demonstrate cosmetic properties for skin care, wounds and ulcers.  (M. Lavabre 68-69)

What are you drawn to today?  I think I’m going to reach for some Myrrh…I’m going to breath it in because emotionally this is “The Oil of Mother Earth” (Emotions & Essential Oils 50) but I’ll also put this on the skin below my eyes since this has helped the puffiness under my eyes when I wake up each morning.  Enjoy the exploration of your essential oils!

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Florida Hiker’s Meet “Mother Nature” in Colorado Rockies

The day started out great, we chose an easy hike up to Potato Lake Trail just outside of Durango.  Starting elevation was 9400 ft.  As an Herbalist, Girl Scout Leader and Mom, I’d say I’m pretty good at preparing.  I had my herbal first aid kit, plenty of water, a few sandwiches for our lunch at the top and good hiking shoes.  Once we drove onto the dirt road for our trek up to the trailhead in our tiny little rental car, we realized 2 miles in that we would need to hike the rest of the way to the trailhead…now we know why there was a sign that suggested Jeeps and other all-terrain vehicles. 

After abandoning our car, hiking a short distance we found the trailhead and set out through the gorgeous Pines and Aspen up this winding trail.  We encountered several hiker’s that were on their way back and they were drenched…apparently the rain had come and gone and they were soaked.  As we looked at the clouds, things looked ok, after being in Colorado for a couple weeks now, we thought we could read the skies for weather…ha!  Our first mistake.  I thought we were getting close to the end now, for our secluded mountain lake. This was the reward for all our hiking.

Just then, a family that had passed us earlier, said they did not make it the top, but were watching the clouds and decided to try again tomorrow.  My husband and I looked around at the clouds on the other mountain and thought, if it’s only a ¼ mile to go, let’s press on.  Second mistake.  Probably about 10 minutes after this… the lightning and thunder came. We decided to start down as it was getting closer.  Shortly thereafter the rain started. This storm was rolling in quickly. At this point we only had smaller Aspen trees for coverage.  The descent took on a rapid pace…then the lightning was getting closer and I was scared…being on top of a mountain with lightning striking closer I started to pray as I hiked faster which turned into a slow run on the rocky trail.  My husband and 13-year old daughter were ahead of me as I kept running and praying for our family. 

Then the hail came…at first, it was a good distraction for my daughter since I think this is the first time she remembers ever seeing hail…after all, we live in Florida.  Then, the hail got bigger and was beginning to hurt as we continued running on this rocky trail…lightning still surrounded us and still there was no adequate coverage.  Then, the hail got bigger again and we were running and shielding our heads with our arms because it hurt so much…my daughter began crying and I called out to my husband to officially let him know that I WAS SCARED!  My daughter and I finally found a decent tree and rolled up in a ball at the base to try to take a breath…she was beginning to get hysterical and I was trying to calm her (inside I was hysterical too)…my husband was up further getting large bark shed from a tree to use as shields for our heads. 

Soon, I realized this tree was still not adequate coverage, I urged my daughter to sprint to where my husband was with the “tree bark shields”.  We both took off towards him.  We continued down through a white river of hail and rain runoff, bobbing and floating down the trail. All my praying must have paid off – or – Mother Nature decided to give us a reprieve. The hail slowed and then stopped and the thunder and lightning moved further away as we descended towards our car. 

As I quietly contemplated what just happened, my husband and daughter were joking and laughing from all the adrenaline.  I then said to both of them, ”well, I guess we now know who is in charge…Mother Nature”!  As we got in our car the other group that suggested we turn around was there waiting for us.  Huge relief were on their faces as they explained to us that they tried to wait for us closer to the bottom but when the hail got so big, they ended up going the rest of the way to the safety of their car...waiting to see us come through the clearing.  They were truly concerned for our safety…so was I!  As we got in the car completely soaked, chilled to the bone and red welts on our arms and back of neck from the hail hitting us, we felt good to be a family together surviving another adventure.