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Are you eating a SAD breakfast?

  Does your breakfast look like this? 

Are you eating a Standard American Diet (SAD)?

When an American sits down to a typical breakfast, chances are they are eating bug spray, weed killer, an embalming agent and arsenic.  It's not a joke!  Favorite foods such as fruits, cereal, milk and toast may contain traces of lethal compounds.  Many of these poisons could accumulatie in your body and potentially cause disease.  The body is composed of more than 30 elements and when you eat devitalized foods, not only could you be poisoning your human tissue but there could be a huge shortage of the important elements and may be a major cause of many ailments. 

It's time to EAT RESPONSIBLY!  Read labels, find out where your vegetables, fruits and animal protein are coming from, buy local and know the farms you are buying from.  I encourage you to get involved in your local food co-op or buying club.  Better yet, plant your own garden and reap the rewards of less stress and a healthier body.

I would love to hear your comments on how to avoid these devitalized foods...please leave a comment and share.

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I try to my best to avoid the SAD diet.  I was horrified when my son brought home the illustration of the food pyramid.  I cannot believe that the grain group is the biggest part....ugh!!!!  I can keep going...

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