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Experiencing Hair Loss?

Hair Loss?

There are many possible reasons for experiencing Hair Loss.  Genetics, hormonal imbalances, degenerative diets and lifestyles could all be reasons.  The blood needs to be clean and healthy to carry in nutrition and carry away waste from our scalp.  Some suggestions include drinking a lot of water, eating a wholesome diet, exercise and get some fresh air daily.  Bayberry is an herb that has shown to be beneficial as well.  I suggest making a decoction with Bayberry Herb and rub into your scalp at night, wash off in the morning.  Repeat this process nightly as needed.  Another suggestion to get nutrients to the scalp is to do a "3-Oil Massage" to the Scalp.  Castor oil for 2 nights massaged into the scalp, followed by olive oil the next 2 nights and then wheat germ oil the last 2 nights followed by a night of rest.  Repeat this process as needed. 

Have you tried natural ways to help reverse Hair Loss?  Please share in the comments.

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