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What is Gout?

The common gout attack is severe pain in the big toe accompanied by redness and intense pain...sounds fun right?!?!  

Note:  As I mention Essential Oils (EO's) below, be sure you are using Pure Essential Oils.  For more information on Pure Essential Oils, contact me at

Immediate Support:

It's important to rid the build-up of uric acid out of the body...which means it needs to pass through the kidneys.  Drinking a lot of good, clean water with Pure Lemon EO has helped many to break down the uric acid.  I recommend drinking (16) 8 oz. glasses of water per day at minimum.

Consider cutting down on the portion sizes of animal protein you might be eating to assist through this acute situation. 

If you have a Juicer, then drinking celery and apple juice multiple times a day has helped many break the uric acid up and move out through the kidneys. 

Highly recommended to stay away from beer can be a major trigger for gout.  Also recommended to limit or eliminate dairy, sweets, pasta, bread, starchy foods, processed foods - no junk!

Applying 1 drop each of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil and Basil Pure Essential Oil to the foot and other areas with pain may assist as well.  After applying cover with a hot, moist towel compress.  Repeating 2-3 times daily.

Many find relief in taking 2 drops of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil under the tongue twice daily.


Long-Term Prevention:

Cleanse, Detox & Repair - once the acute situation is under control, I highly recommend doing a cleanse and detox with Herbal Capsules or Extracts. Something that not only cleanses the Bowel, but detoxing the Kidney , Liver, Gall Bladder and Bloodstream.  A cleanse & detox like this will take a minimum of 6 weeks.  Doing a Heavy Mineral Cleanse might also be recommended with Herbal Capsules or Extracts.  Of course, proper nutrition is key in allowing these herbs to work properly in your body.

Sarsaparilla is just one of the many herbs which may help reduce the frequency of these attacks once you are finished with the cleanse and detox.  Also, check your supplements.  If you are taking anything with Glycine (an amino acid), it is suggested to stop taking this because Glycine can be converted into uric acid quickly for those that suffer with gout.

Lastly, water, water and more water every day.  Good, clean water is important to our daily health!

Please let me know if you have found other natural herbal remedies that work for you?  Would love to hear from you in the comments section.



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