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Easy Essential Oil Tips for Any Pregnancy

It’s always exciting to find out your family is about to grow. Most women welcome pregnancy even with some of the challenges that occur like morning sickness and fatigue. Essential oils can help ease these pregnancy symptoms and keep you well. You may be wondering if essential oils are safe during your pregnancy. Using essential oils while pregnant is not only safe, but it’s also a great way to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle.

As a disclaimer, it’s important to check with your physician before starting or continuing any health regimen. Also, when discussing essential oils, it’s important to remember that all essential oils are not created equally. The oils I refer to in this article are certified, therapeutic grade oils. Another safety measure for stronger oils is to dilute them in carrier oils. A great choice is fractionated coconut oil!

There are many ways that essential oils can support you while pregnant. Besides investing in the highest quality supplements, essential oils can be used effectively in three different ways (orally, topically, and aromatically) to help enhance your quality of life while pregnant. These tips will show different ways that essential oils can help during pregnancy.

Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Many things happen when you are pregnant. Your body morphs into someone you barely know. Your hormones change, and your senses are more on point than you ever thought possible while you are creating a new little human inside of you. Kind of amazing and beautiful. Yet at the same time, pregnancy symptoms and changes can uproot your life. Here are some of these symptoms along with how certain essential oils can help during pregnancy.

Morning Sickness/Nausea

Ginger and Peppermint oils are great to help with nausea. Peppermint not only can help aid in digestion, but also may help with nausea. The same goes for ginger and the DigestZen blend. These can be taken internally, applied topically, or enjoyed aromatically through diffusion.


Bloating is another common symptom. Even if bloating is not a primary symptom at first, your appetite may increase, and you may gain weight as your baby grows inside of you.  A great way to beat the bloat is to drink plenty of water. Add a few drops of lemon oil or any other citrus oil (lime, tangerine, grapefruit, or wild orange!) to help support your body in a natural detox to flush out toxins and excess water. Also, just a reminder that you need to make sure your oils are the right kind and can be taken internally. 


Mood Swings

Your hormones seem to have a mind of their own while you are carrying a baby! You may be hysterically laughing one moment. The next moment tears are flowing and a minute later you want to throw every dish in your home. The great news is that you have essential oils to help support emotional health and balance. Citrus oils are great for energizing and promoting happiness. Lavender, Frankincense, and Ylang Ylang oils may help with anxious feelings and calm your central nervous system. The Balance grounding blend may help you re-center when you feel your emotions becoming erratic. The Breathe respiratory blend is another oil that can really help promote deep breathing and calm your body and mind.



It takes a lot of work to carry another tiny human inside of you. As your body prepares for the most miraculous of situations, you may find yourself simply beat. When you are exhausted and need more energy, oils can help in many ways. Diffusing an energizing blend in the air is a great way to help improve energy and rejuvenate your mind and body. Peppermint oil is a great choice for this (and it helps with nausea!) Citrus oils are also wonderful choices for helping stay focused and alert and battling that exhaustion.

Getting the most out of your sleep is another way to help with exhaustion. Aim for 8-10 hours of sleep. To help get more quality sleep, try diffusing Lavender oil throughout the night while you sleep. The Serenity restful blend is another option to either roll on your body before bed or add to a warm bath to help promote rest and relaxation.

Essential Oils During Birth

Most new moms have a birthing plan in place before they head to the hospital. Along with a plan, there’s also their hospital bag. Make oils a part of your birthing plan and hospital bag. There are several essential oils that you can bring to help with labor and delivery.

Pack lavender oil or pink pepper oil with you to help keep you relaxed and calm your central nervous system. Birth can be stressful and overwhelming...not to mention painful and uncomfortable. The rewards are obviously worth it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make your baby’s entrance into the world as calm as possible. Some women even choose a hospital depending upon whether or not they are able to diffuse essential oil in the birthing room. And if you are diffusing it in your hospital room, chances are you are not the only one reaping the benefits. This can help your birthing team (and partner) stay calm and focused.

Another oil that should be part of your birthing plan is one that can help with pain and discomfort. A couple of great choices for this challenge are Deep Blue or Frankincense oils. Besides diffusing, you can have your partner, or a family member rub these oils into your feet to reach all of the acupressure points to help with pain relief and grounding. Deep Blue contains a blend of oils that help with pain relief and muscle tension. Frankincense helps support overall wellness, cellular regeneration, and has relaxing properties. 

Consistency is key. It’s best to apply oils several times throughout the day. Areas to apply your essential oils are the back of the neck, behind the ears, on the wrists, in the elbow creases and on your lower back. You can even add oils to your water if you are choosing a water birth to help reap the benefits of reducing pain and increasing relaxation.

When your tiny little nugget of perfection enters the world, you can even rub a little Frankincense oil on the crown of baby’s head to promote wellness and help relax him or her. After all, the baby worked hard to make it into your loving arms and is likely exhausted from his travels.

To learn more about how to support your body and mind during pregnancy (and beyond) with certified therapeutic grade oils and lifestyle changes, contact The Herbal Cabinet today! Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram, too! 

Featured Writer, Lynne DeAmelio-Rafferty M.S., M.Ed, CEO The Savvy Sentence 

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