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Benefits of Plantain

  Not the Plantain you were thinking of?

This is the herb plantain, not the fruit that you might commonly see in the grocery store.  Plantain has been used for hundreds of years by the American Indians and many before them.  It has been shown to have a therapeutic action in cases of poisonous bites and stings, skin inflammation, eczema, minor wounds, cuts, scratches, burns, poison ivy and bruises.  It is also known to be one of the best herbs for blood poisoning; reducing the swelling and assistance in healing a limb where dangerous poisons may have made amputation imminent.  I was recently up in Pennsylvania and New York and this grows so wildly that it is annoying for many who desire "the perfect lawn".  If you are fortunate to have it growing wild, you can just crush up some leaves and put it on the effected area as a poultice to heal.  I make an Herbal Healing Salve that has Plantain in it and it is such a hit in our home that we have 3 open jars at all times; in the bathroom, in the kitchen and my daughter has one in her room. 

Does anyone have stories of using Plantain for their family?  Please share in the comments section.

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