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3 Top Tips for Traveling & Using Your Essential Oils (Plus Best Practices)

Whether you are rolling out on a road trip, cruising to the Carolinas, or flying to Florence, your essential oils can (and should!) come with you! In fact, many of us fall off the fitness wagon while we are on vacation or traveling for work or holidays. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to remember how to use essential oils during these “transitional” times. Transition, even fun ones like vacations, can be stressful. You must organize, plan, pack, and hope you don’t lose your sanity in the process.

From a personal and anecdotal perspective, I began to have success with my oils right away. Then, in addition to my freelance writing career, I landed a job traveling on a regular basis. Traveling this frequently is new for me and one of my biggest concerns (no, seriously, it was!) had to do with how to use my essential oils while I traveled and keeping them with me (not the TSA’s garbage bin!) during the process.

I’m also about to confess that I’m a wimp when it comes to flying. I experience tremendous anxiety, feel claustrophobic, and overheat on planes. Motion sickness is another problem, so even if I’m not flying there are other challenges.

I rewrote my traveling story…

By using my essential oils strategically while I travel, I am not only a much less-annoying seatmate and passenger on a plane, but I feel better, arrive at my destination calmer, and don’t find myself asking for Ginger Ale and crackers from the flight attendant. In fact, I ask for ice water and add a few drops of lemon oil to keep me hydrated and energized.


1.  Stop Stress

One of the amazing ways that doTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils have changed my life is by helping me with stress management. Let’s face it. Whether you are traveling by plane or car for an hour or 10 hours, there are elements of stress you may face. I find that it’s important to have a basic routine that I can add to depending on the type of travel. This routine includes applying my essential oils, saying a few positive mantras, and deep breathing. I find these habits most helpful when I combine them with the natural benefits of essential oils.

Two amazing blends that can help manage stress are Balance, helping to ground me and bring balance to my mind and body, and Serenity, helping to relieve stress and anxious feelings.  Both can be applied to key areas of the body including behind ears, back of neck, lower back, wrists and bottoms of each foot.

Another way that to help decrease feelings of stress and anxious feelings during travel is by using an energizing blend.  Combine a few drops of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender oils together to promote uplifting and energizing feelings. These are a great way to counter the energy-sucking feelings of being stressed or exhausted from travel.

2.  Navigate Without Nausea

Nausea can creep up during travel in the form of motion sickness or food issues. Sometimes we overeat or tend to not eat as healthy during travel. There are three primary essential oils that I would recommend keeping close to keep your tummy tamed. The first is peppermint oil. If you are on an airplane, you can put a dab of it on the end of the fan above your seat. You can also rub it on your stomach, behind your neck and on your wrists. The second oil that may help with nausea is the Digestzen blend. It helps support digestion by soothing your stomach and may assist with gas and bloating.

3.  Keep Calm and Stay Healthy

When you are traveling, it can be difficult to stick with healthy routines. This can make it a challenge to stay healthy and safe while traveling. Be sure to continue taking your supplements and keeping your essential oil routine a priority.  One all-natural way to ward off environmental and seasonal threats is by using the On Guard essential oil blend. This protective blend helps keep your body in tip-top shape. After a flight, many of us feel jet lagged or run-down. Don’t ignore this sign.

Diffusing several drops of On Guard oil in your hotel room is a great way to keep you and your family well. I do this as soon as I check into my room. I also rub On Guard on my hands throughout the day. I keep it in my handy keychain purse with other oils that I never want to be without. And before bed, you can support your immune system by rubbing a few drops into the bottom of your feet.

Best Practices for Traveling with Essential Oils: Key Takeaways  

*Make sure all your oils and blends are clearly labeled and in a Ziploc or travel bag

*Keep an essential oil “to-go bag” handy for all types of travel

*Pre-pack and label supplements in small pill bags so they are always ready 

*Pack an eye mask, neck pillow, and headphones

*Stash Deep Blue Rub sample packets, peppermint beadlets, and Slim and Sassy metabolic gum in your travel bag or purse


*Don’t bring full-size bottles of personal care products or the TSA will take them away (they must be 3.4 oz or less)


Featured Writer, Lynne DeAmelio-Rafferty M.S., M.Ed, CEO The Savvy Sentence


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