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Raising Vibrations Radio...Interview with Jennifer Gilman, Master Herbalist


Reverend Raven interviews Jennifer Gilman, Master Herbalist in Saint Petersburg, Florida on Essential Oils for Natural Health Solutions

Copy and paste this link below into your web browser, sit back and enjoy!  (90-minute interview)

Roots, Flowers, Leaves…Essential Oils with Similar Tendencies

When essential oils get distilled or cold pressed from the plant material, did you ever wonder what part of the plant is used?  Is it possible that plants from different species could have similar tendencies when using the same parts of these plants?  I think this is fascinating and just had to share with all of you. 

Roots:  Essential oils produced in the roots such as vetiver tend to have a very grounding energy. 

Leaves:  A plant’s leaf system corresponds to its vital body.  Essential oils produced in the leaves such as eucalyptus and peppermint have a strong affinity with the respiratory system. 

Flowers:  The flower is a plant’s ultimate achievement!  Only the most spiritually evolved plants such as the rose can fully create at this level.  Although the essential oils are found in extremely small amounts in the flowers, their fragrances are typically very intense.  These fragrances have a tendency to be exhilarating or even intoxicating. 

Seeds:  Oils produced in the seed bring us fully into the physical world, more humble and straightforward such as citrus fruits, fennel and coriander.  They are invigorating and show a strong affinity with the digestive system.  Particularly those seeds that are food or spices. 

Wood:  Trees and bushes also have the ability to create oils in their wood such as sandalwood and cedarwood.  These oils are centering and balancing.  Here the creative process is drawn into the heart of the wood.  These oils support the power to open our consciousness to high spheres without making us lose control.  They are particularly suited to meditation and yoga. 

Resins and Gums:  Many trees and bushes such as myrrh, frankincense and conifers produce odorous resins and gums.  These essential oils have a strong affinity for the glandular system.  They are helpful in balancing hormonal secretions and demonstrate cosmetic properties for skin care, wounds and ulcers.  (M. Lavabre 68-69)

What are you drawn to today?  I think I’m going to reach for some Myrrh…I’m going to breath it in because emotionally this is “The Oil of Mother Earth” (Emotions & Essential Oils 50) but I’ll also put this on the skin below my eyes since this has helped the puffiness under my eyes when I wake up each morning.  Enjoy the exploration of your essential oils!

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Experiencing Difficulty with Blood Sugar Regulation?

Have you gotten the diagnosis? 

Are you insulin-dependent?

Let's get this out of the way there a magic pill? NO

Is it possible that adult-onset diabetes can be reversed? YES

High Blood Sugar may be controllable but it takes a strong commitment to change your life-style.  It can be devastating because it affects every system in the body which is why it is worth it to do whatever you can to help yourself.

Changing your diet, getting enough exercise and getting to your normal body weight will probably be enough to correct the situation.  However, if you are insulin-dependent, it is going to take a lot more to obtain your health goal. 

Using herbs to support your pancreas, liver, adrenal glands and bowels may be a good place to start...some of these herbs might include licorice root, golden seal, uva ursi, cayenne, cedar berries, mullein, barberry bark, wild yam root, fennel seed, ginger root, peppermint leaf, eleuthero, gota kola, hawthorne berries, lobelia, cascara sagrada and raspberry leaf.  If it were me, I would do a mild herbal cleanse once a month until I obtained a normal, healthy weight and my blood sugar was shown to be in the normal range.  Organic flaxseed oil taken daily has been shown to decrease blood levels of tryglycerides, decrease potent inflammatory mediators, decrease risk of atherosclerosis, increase favorable fatty acids (HDL) and get blood platelet aggregation to levels of healthy control.  Wheat grass juice, 2-4 oz. per day may help to alkalize and nourish the entire body. 

Eating Nutrient Dense Foods - this is the most important suggestion that I have.  I would stop eating white flour, sugar, bread, pasta, processed foods, fried foods and "junk" foods.  Additionally, I would stop drinking the soda and juices made with sugars, additives and juice concentrates.  So what can I eat?  Fresh vegetables, lots of them both RAW and slightly cooked.  1-2 servings of fresh fruit per day and juicing is good but be sure to make your blend at least 3/4ths vegetable and 1/4th fruit...all fresh and organic or local with no pesticides.  Good animal protein is great for you...I would suggest staying away from animals that are injected with antibiotics and hormones.  I like to buy animal protein that is grass-fed, humanely raised, no antibiotics and free-range.  If you enjoy eating grains, experiment with quinoa, millet, wild rice, amaranth.  Here is a list of suggested foods and herbs/spices you can cook with that can by of great help in lowering blood sugar levels.  Cinnamon, green beans, fenugreek, chicory, bay leaf, onions, garlic, turmeric, vinegar, almonds, blueberries, buckwheat, cloves, and prunes.  Eating on a regular schedule and not skipping meals has shown to be beneficial.

Water, water and more is recommended that women drink (10-12) 8 oz. glasses of water daily and men 12-16 glasses of water daily...I suggest "clean" water. 

Externally I would use salves or liniments made with cayenne and/or St. John's wort.  These can be applied regularly and can aid troublesome areas.

If you enjoy using Pure Essential Oils, my favorite blend is mixing 10 drops of juniper, 10 drops of geranium and 10 drops of helichrysum into 1/2 oz. of a carrier oil or massage oil base.  Massage on the areas that are tingling or numb daily.  For more information on Pure Essential Oils, please contact me directly at

Lastly, exercise is a necessity...try to get some form of exercise daily.

Are there other natural methods that have helped you?  Please tell us by using comments.

Notes on Herbs:

*Licorice Root - do not take if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, high blood pressure or an estrogen-sensitive disorder such as breast cancer or endometriosis.